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Thank you for considering Elixir Worldwide Chauffeured Services, Inc. as your preferred choice for ground transportation.

Today’s chauffeured transportation industry is fragmented and filled with many companies of sub-standard quality. We refer to them as the “ailments” of the livery industry. Elixir Worldwide was formed as the remedy. Elixir Worldwide was established in October 2010 with a goal to be the embodiment of perfection in both the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and all over the world. Our standards are so high that we carefully scrutinize the detail of each and every trip we make before and after it’s carried out. Elixir Worldwide has ability to provide services throughout the nation and world upon special request. We are the one stop shop and personal concierge for anything that our customer may need. One trip with us, and you’ll realize you’ve just done business with the last company you’ll ever need for your transportation.

Jack W. Smith, Jr., owner of Elixir Worldwide, has been in the chauffeured transportation business for more than five years, providing clients with reliability, convenience and superior quality of service. He strives to achieve 100% perfection at all times, thus naming his company Elixir, “The Remedy For Perfection”.

We are pleased you’ve visited our site and are glad to be considered to fulfill your company’s ground transportation needs. If you have any questions please call us toll free at 571-285-7901 or 703-752-6278.

Meetings and Events

We at Elixir Limousine excels in providing transportation for meetings and events. We know that timing is crucial, changes are inevitable, and details are the heart of what you do. To meet the unique needs of meeting and event planners, we have a special team that focuses solely on meetings and events. We assign you your own event manager who makes sure your ground transportation experience is flawless.

Our Meetings and Events department specializes in transportation planning for meetings, conferences, conventions, corporate meetings, parties, dinners, tours and more. Our staff is experienced in working with groups, large and small, and with all types of events.

If you would like additional assistance with the transportation for your meeting or event, you may request to have one of our coordinators assist on-site. Our coordinators will work with you to ensure that your vehicles are on location, the chauffeurs know their destinations, and help escort your customers and guests to their assigned vehicles.



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